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Dr. D's for Dogs Online Store

Welcome to Dr. D’s for Dogs, your source for the very finest Labrador greeting cards on the internet as well as the best, most select supplies for Labrador Retrievers everywhere.


Our underlying theme for creating each and every labrador greeting card is constant and really quite unique. Every photograph used to fashion our cards is that of a Bainbridge Labrador taken in their natural environment. Hundreds of images are captured for every one that becomes a greeting card or note card. No studio shoots, no computer generations, no pop art applications……nothing but a genuine “home on the ranch” feel to each and every card. Once we have arrived at an image we like well enough to use, it’s just a matter of letting the photo “speak” to us in order to tell its message in the form of a caption for use in the card. That’s how it’s done…. and that’s what makes us unique!


So allow your eyes to enjoy the photography while the message brings a smile to your lips.

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