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Dr. D's for Dogs Ear Cleansing System
(2) 16oz Solution Bottles

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pet care products dog shampooDr. D’s for Dogs Ear Cleansing System is a two step process designed to rid the canine ear canal of excessive wax and debris, as well as any potentially harmful pathogens. The simple act of flushing an inflamed or infected area with copious amounts of fluid has long been a hallmark of veterinary (and human) medical care. These flushing solutions act by loosening the wax and debris build-up thereby facilitating the expulsion of this potentially harmful material from the canine ear canal.

Dr. D’s for Dogs Ear Cleansing System works very well as a weekly preventative to control inflammation in those pets which may be more susceptible due to their to ear shape (as in the Retriever breeds, etc.) or their lifestyle, such as swimmers.

Dr. D’s for Dogs Ear Cleansing System is also a highly effective adjunct to those pets that have been diagnosed with an ear infection and are being treated with a prescribed, topical veterinary medication. In such cases, the Dr. D’s for Dogs Ear Cleansing System acts in a similar fashion to expel wax and debris from the ear canal. However, an additional and very important secondary function is to provide a cleaner surface area for the prescribed medication to work. In other words, when topical solutions or ointments are placed in your pet’s ear canal, they will coat the surface which they first come in contact with. If that surface is wax or debris, the medication may be hindered in its ability to contact the offending organisms which caused the infection. By flushing the ear canal, the debris is removed and a cleaner ear canal is then available for the medication to act.

So if ears are a problem for your pet, Dr. D’s for Dogs Ear Cleansing System may be just the answer your dog's been waiting to hear.

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(2) 16oz Bottles.



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